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 Global Teletherapy’s COVID-19 Rescue Response

The response to the COVID-19 virus is unprecedented. Because of our unique role in children’s K-12 education, we feel a responsibility to do what we can to assist schools, therapists and students with this transition to online learning and seclusion. To ensure that our students remain engaged and supported, our therapists will be providing complimentary “Support Sessions” to the country’s youth. We will also be assisting schools by training therapists for remote therapy.

Check out the message from Global Teletherapy’s COO, Mark Goldman, below.


Student Support Sessions

As the number of homebound students grows exponentially every day, we want to ensure that students remain engaged and healthy. Our therapists will be providing complimentary “Support Sessions” to the country’s youth. These ½ hour Support Sessions will be held daily through June. They will range in age formats to discuss specific concerns. The group sessions will focus on keeping the students calm and engaged while homebound due to the current situation. Watch all our sessions here.

Train Your Therapists

At Global Teletherapy, we believe the best way we can support school-based clinical teams during these unprecedented times is to provide them with the resources they need to move their services online – quickly, efficiently and professionally. Using our tried-and-true online platform specially designed for students K-12, therapists can continue to deliver speech and occupational therapy, counseling, social skills and psychological services to students in their homes during these mandated closings. Contact us for more information here.

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Therapist of the Month

Amy Donovan

I am a school psychologist in Minnesota with a circuitous path- I completed my graduate degrees at the University of Minnesota and then worked in Minneapolis Public Schools, while concurrently teaching at a local university. Between there and here, I’ve run my own home daycare, been a consultant and trainer for childcare providers and school districts, led research projects, been an academic administrator at a university, and taught in psychology programs both online and in person at the college/graduate level. My full-time job is teaching at an online university, and I’ve been with Global Teletherapy for two years. I’ve learned a great deal from my colleagues at GTT and have been able to start educating others about the benefits and challenges of teletherapy. In addition to my work, I’m a mom to 2 teenagers (one in HS and one in college), step mom to an adult daughter, and grandma to her little 5 year old who I absolutely adore; everything they say about being a grandparent is true. Our family enjoys hosting international exchange students and we currently have a German “daughter” who is in 11th grade, along with my son. We have a busy house full of pets and people. I’m active in my community, volunteer with multiple organizations, and I foster puppies (my teletherapy kids love it when they’re in my office!). I love to read and travel, but am also kind of a homebody, which is helpful when quarantined, and I’m incredibly grateful right now for being able to do work I enjoy, from home. Stay well friends!

School of the Month

Minnesota Connections Academy

In the four years that I have worked with the MNCA Special Education team, I have been continually impressed by the dedication, professionalism and creativity of these fantastic educators. Teachers, case managers and related service providers are not only highly qualified and knowledgeable in their respective fields, but their day-to-day operations represent three of the most important C’s in the helping professions: competent, collaborative and caring. It is clear that each member of the SPED team is truly invested in the work that he or she is doing, works hard to form meaningful relationships with students and their families, and strives to see that student needs are being effectively met so that students can learn and thrive. I am proud of my allied colleagues at Minnesota Connections Academy and grateful for all that they do to form a guiding village around our mutual students.

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