1. Necessity to shape a vision of academic success for the entire student body

It has been consistently shown that highly effective principals are those who establish a school-wide vision of a robust and enduring commitment to high standards and the success for the entire student body.

Research has shown that in those schools where the principal places great emphasis on articulating both rigorous and high learning goals for everyone there was also significant success in closing the achievement gap between those students who are considered advantaged and those considered less advantaged, consequently raising the overall achievement for all.

What is more, highly effective principals see to it that this notion of “universal academic success” is absorbed by the faculty as well as it fosters a highly charged learning environment felt throughout the school.  This focus on student progress becomes the shared vision for the administration and teachers alike, and positions the principal as the authentic leader of the school.


2. Creating the climate in which children want to learn

Highly effective principals are bent on putting learning at the center of the daily activities of both teacher and student alike.  While this may sound “academic”, in today’s world of education plagued with bullying, drugs, and sometimes even violence, it is critical for the principal to continuously instill everyone with the constant awareness of what everyone is doing there- to learn!

But this environment requires more than the awareness that school is first and foremost about learning.  The most effective principals understand that they must simultaneously focus on building a sense of community within the school as well.  Building community means to treat everyone with respect and kindness so that those who spend the bulk of their waking hours within the school’s wall want to be there and be productive.

3. Sharing the leadership

Highly effective principals have a knack for inspiring those around them to become leaders as well  They seem to intuitively understand that when their teachers assume leadership roles, those teachers are consequently motivated to be more for their students both inside and outside the classroom.  This means happier teachers and happier students

And contrary to what some principals may think, this “sharing” leadership is not a zero-sum game.  In fact, as others gain influence, principals don’t sacrifice either authority or power.  It has been shown time and again that when administrators and teachers share leadership, teachers work better with their colleagues and student achievement is enhanced. This causes the teachers have greater respect for the principal.

4. Improving instruction

Another secret of highly effective principals is that their focus on improving the quality of instruction is the most direct and effective means to improve student achievement.  Aside from setting high standards, they meet with teachers to share ideas regarding curriculum and methodology.  What’s more they avail themselves to those teachers looking for assistance.

5. Excellent Management

Although schools are ostensibly about education, they are really about fostering a child’s success.  To this end, children with special needs are consuming a growing portion of the principal’s responsibility.  If the needs of these kids aren’t met, there is little chance for them to succeed, ultimately undermining the effectiveness of the principal.

With a myriad of other responsibilities to attend to, highly effective principals must insure that they find appropriate help for children in need, such as those requiring speech therapy, as quickly and as efficiently as possible. For the administrator to personally assume the responsibility for finding the appropriate therapist for every child is both ridiculous and impossible.

That is why there is a growing trend among principals across the country to embrace online speech therapy (teletherapy).  The online venue for Speech Therapy assures that principals will find high quality clinicians that will provide uninterrupted service, that is both affordable and convenient. What’s more, aside from the human interaction between the therapist and student, much of the administrative and reporting is automated allowing the highly effective principal to be even more effective than ever!