Online Therapy Job Search Stalled?

Sometimes you are just stuck. The search for that online therapy job just isn’t going according to plan and you need help.  Where should you turn?  Perhaps it’s time to consider hiring a career coach.  They offer a variety of services, including writing resumes and cover letters, targeting job searches, and finding ways to develop careers.

But an excellent coach can often offer you much more. The coach’s real value may be in helping you regain your balance in life, show you how to unravel unhelpful patterns, or offer a new way of thinking about yourself and your work.  How do you know if you need a career coach?  Read on to find the three most visible signs.

1 – Objectivity

Do you find that when you are considering a new job, you seem to be the target for everyone’s opinion? The problem is that their opinion is nothing more than theirs.  Often they are merely projecting their experience.  “Financial security is paramount,” asserts the one for whom this is the concern, while the risk taker will encourage you to do just the opposite. Whom can you trust?

A career coach is an objective voice that can help you think methodically through the options, and guide you to make a calculated decision without the baggage of friends or family. A career coach offers a fresh perspective regarding the implications of your decisions and the challenges it will bring.

Maximizing Clarity

Sometimes the remote therapy job search is very confusing. Your career path is unclear, or even if it is evident, you don’t know to proceed, or perhaps you don’t know your options. What do you do?  Enter a career coach whose expertise is solving all of the above.  From helping you to understand your skills, your strengths, or your best employment options, a career coach can be the game changer!

2 – Strategy

Maybe you know where you’re going, but you aren’t getting there. You need a particular strategy that a career coach could help you craft.  Sometimes those seeking a new online therapy job fall into the rut of becoming reactive instead of being proactive.  This may be a sign that you are ready for a more strategic approach.

Also, there are several aspects of the online therapy job search such as enhancing the resume, interviewing, or even where to be looking that require deeper analysis and insight to be maximized.  The coach’s experience with the many helpful tools for job seekers can be invaluable.


Many career coaches have refined the art of networking.  This critical component of the remote therapy job search needs to be exploited to its fullest.  Not only can a career coach teach you this skill, but can also help you to make strategic connections, and show you how to begin those conversations that will bring you to the job for which you pine.


Sometimes what you need is to get the engine running again.  Unfortunately, the frustration, stress, and anxiety can lead to paralysis.  All of the sudden you find yourself doing…nothing! A career coach can show you the way back to life. You may require a paradigm shift that requires the assistance of with knowledge and experience.

A skillful career coach has that combination of resources and tools to elicit your talents, abilities and passions, so necessary in assisting you in working through the process of discovering the employment options that will truly satisfy you.  Why presume that you need to find a new job by yourself when you can solicit the assistance of someone who can really help?

3 – Hope

Maintaining hope for a better future is a staple in the online therapy job search.  However, it can be elusive when that search drags on and on. You must take great care not to lose that hope as it may become a  slippery slope into unexpected trouble- stress, anxiety, depression and all of their undesirable side-effects.

Don’t underestimate the importance of enlisting a career coach.  Its benefit may go beyond landing the job. For some, it can be a life-saver, lifting you out of the seemingly bottomless pit of “hopelessness.” Be sure to find a career coach who is uplifting and encouraging, someone who will offer knowledge, skill, experience and the loving guidance that you need and deserve.