3 Clues to Read Your California Online Speech Therapy Job Interviewer’s Mind

CA speech therapist interview

How to Get Ahead of the Curve in Your California Online Speech Therapy Job Interview

Let’s face it. Even the most confident feel queasy during a job interview.  Often stress morphs into anxiety, and it becomes difficult not to get distracted by the interviewer’s body language, facial expressions or excessive note-taking. Keep reminding yourself, just remain calm and stay the course, and your CA online speech therapy job interview will work out just fine.

But if you want to ace that interview, it’s going to require more than just remaining relaxed.  It’s imperative that you resist your natural inclination to become reactive.  Instead, you must be proactive by intuiting from the questions what the interviewer wants to know.  What is going through her mind?  How is she processing my answers?  How am I doing?

Now if you could read her mind or could accurately interpret every facial expression this would be a cinch.  But you aren’t sure.  Does that smile mean that she’s impressed with me or just kind and patient, protecting my delicate ego?

To put it simply, you need to know what your interviewer is looking for in the answers to those questions.  Without it, you will be lost, and getting lost during the interview means you may lose the job as well!

Are you ready to live the life you want and have the job of your dreams?

1. Do you fit the role?

Just know that while it’s critical to be competent at the job, it is equally important that you can fit in and work well together with “the team.”  Your interviewer needs to picture you in that role. Whether you realize it or not, aside from answering the questions, your personality is being scrutinized as well.  Are you the best candidate for that California online speech therapy job?

Even if you research the company’s culture, you’ll need to spend time on interview day “absorbing” the working atmosphere.  Does the environment feel serious and stilted or do you detect that the focused energy allows for things to be “chilled out” as well?  Getting that clear before you sit down to interview will determine which part of your personality you highlight.

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2. Are you and the CV the same person?

Even if the interviewer assumes that you are the perfect match for the role you will be assigned to in the company, you must keep this assumption forefront in her mind throughout the interview.  After all, how can she know that your CV is an accurate reflection of who you are unless there is empirical evidence (read: how you act during the interview) to support it?

So you would be wise to review your CV carefully before you walk in and be ready to both validate what you have written and be willing to expand upon it.  Play through a couple of scenarios in your mind, step by step, ready to show at the drop of a hat who you are.  Aside from impressing the interviewer, you will display your integrity as well!

3. Do you have what it takes?

When all is said and done, your interviewer is extremely keen on being assured that you know exactly what you can be expected to face day to day at work.  Make sure to view some videos about people working in the industry discussing their daily lives and challenges on the job; You need to walk into the interview with realistic expectations of what the job entails.

And it won’t be enough to just “share” your knowledge with the interviewer.  More than that you need to show how you can implement that knowledge where relevant.  This can be best accomplished by integrating this understanding with your own life’s experiences. The interview is your opportunity to show in “real time” that you own and have honed the necessary skills.

Become the Interviewer

No two interviews are exactly alike.  Perhaps you need to reverse roles.  Put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes.  Pretend that your job depended on hiring the best candidate every time. What would you be looking for and how would you go about finding it?  How would you decide which candidate to choose for that coveted CA online speech therapy job?

Your future is in your hands. What are you waiting for?