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Stuttering: The Speech Telepractice Solution

Causes of Stuttering Stuttering is more common than believed. It affects about three million Americans. Among children, nearly 5 percent stutter at some point. Boys are twice as likely to suffer from stuttering as girls. While most kids leave their stutter behind in childhood, approximately 1 percent of the adult population is still affected. For […]

online speech therapy jobs

Online Speech Therapy Jobs

What are Online Speech Therapy Jobs? An online speech therapy job (sometimes known as a telepractice or telespeech job) is when a speech therapist interacts with the client in a web-based venue. The SLP conducts the session much the same way as would be done face to face except instead of being physically in the […]

online mental health therapy is tough

The 3 Biggest Challenges of Online Mental Health Therapy

Few satisfactions are as sublime as alleviating another’s pain. Consequently, few professions are more rewarding than online mental health therapy.  But it isn’t free. Below are the three greatest challenges of online mental health therapy. Ethical Issues Confronting Online Mental Health Therapy Online Mental Health Therapy can brush up against genuine ethical issues and engender […]

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Online Occupational Therapy: Demystifying a Common Myth

Is Online Occupational Therapy Just Glorified Physical Therapy? People are often curious about the relationship between Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT). Since both Onsite and Online Occupational and Physical Therapists help individuals increase their independence after an injury or physical impairment, they seem quite similar. In fact, some even think that the two […]

Energize Your Kid's Online Speech Therapy

Energize Your Kid’s Online Speech Therapy

Online Speech Therapy clinicians provide the help your child needs. But how can you, as a parent, maximize the therapeutical experience? Simply put, how can you help your child? Online Speech Therapy Means Being Proactive Being proactive begins, like so many other things in life, by getting an education. The world of special needs can […]

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Social Work Jobs: 3 Secrets to Master Listening

Importance of Listening in Social Work Jobs Many clients agree that the experience of being truly heard by another person provides deep healing. Along with the listening comes empathy and acceptance. Aside from feeling “heard and understood,” the client feels that there is someone who is interested and cares! Many clients agree that the most […]

mental health therapy jobs need character improvement

Mental Health Therapy Jobs Require Character Refinement

The Uniqueness of Mental Health Therapy Jobs Those who have mental health therapy jobs enter into a unique relationship with their clients. Discounting personal relationships, where do you find an interaction so heavily focused on listening, feeling, and communicating with such care and precision? Bottom line: therapy is both a fantastic opportunity and an awesome […]