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Solving the Rural Area Therapy Shortage

Not Enough Therapists Although it is heartbreaking, it is true. Without online therapy, there simply aren’t enough therapists to meet the needs of Rural America. The shortages exist in Speech, Occupational and Mental Health Therapy alike. Take mental health for example. Although shortages exist everywhere, 85% of them are found in rural communities. Even worse, […]

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Online Therapy for Rural Schools, but is it Confidential?

Advantages of Online Therapy for Rural Schools The benefits of online therapy for rural schools are many and on the rise.  Take for example the convenience and flexibility that the Internet affords. Without compromising quality, online therapy is often less expensive. And expanded access to language preferences and specialties increases the likelihood of that perfect […]

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Online Therapy for Rural Schools

The Problem: The Vanishing Rural Therapist An accelerating therapist shortage in Rural America is creating higher caseloads for therapists.  Consequently, this is causing unprecedented therapist burnout, unwelcomed recruiting and turnover expenses, and impeding students from making progress against their IEP goals. The unhappy result–many innocent children, left to suffer in silence. 1. Just Not Enough […]

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5 Signs Your Preschooler Needs SLP Services

Before Even Considering SLP Services As you can imagine, knowing the difference between what is and what isn't standard regarding a child’s speech and language development is vital. While important at every stage, it's perhaps even more so for a preschooler. If problems can be nipped in the bud, a tender young child could be […]

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Alleviating OCD Suffering with Online Therapy Jobs

What is OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is common, affecting the brain and behavior, and often causing severe anxiety. The disorder involves both obsessions and compulsions that swallow up time and impact necessary activities in that person’s life. Those filling online therapy jobs play a key role in alleviating the suffering from those desperately trying […]